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User Friendly Web Design

Web Design For Users

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Having a user friendly web design is expected in today's online business world. Users want ease of use, speed and information quickly. No more apparent is this than in rapid rise of smartphone use to search the internet and get email.

Creating a website with a good user experience ( or UX in web design speak) helps the user, the search engine and ultimately you.

Websites Created specialise in user friendly web design. We believe that your website should be easy for the user to navigate, view and read. This is beneficial to your business, your visitors and to search engines.

Your business benefits by having a clearly laid out website and by being able to direct people easily to what they are looking for.

Your visitors benefit by being to navigate your site easily and find the products, services and information their seek.

The search engines can categorise each page and locate it easily in the website map.

Service Based Commerce And Industry

If you are a service-based industry or commercial enterprise we are more than happy to help you get the best from your website. Most business owners have some idea of what they want to see but seek help with the detail. This is where Websites Created can assist you by creating a user friendly web design incorporating your content and images.

Search Friendly Content

If you wish to take advantage of our expertise in key phrase matching and content creation (to maximise search engine appeal in results pages - part of on-page search engine optimisation) we also provide this service.

Whilst this is effective in giving the website a good start, an ongoing effort is required if you wish to sustain a good flow of visitors to your user friendly website.

Our design will include a number of signals for each major individual page making it clear what the page is about. These signals on the web page define for the search engine where to index that page in its directory. The advantages of this are that your web page will mostly (search engines do not always get it right! ) be shown for highly relevant searches and therefore more targetted customers.

Website promotion through the ongoing effort using search engine optimisation methods will push your website into the search engine limelight for given key phrases, bringing the much needed exposure and visitors. This service is a must for all website owners, using their website for business or other leads. You can read more about our seo services here

Services For Existing Or New Websites

We can provide the above services for new standard, converted standard and ecommerce websites or existing websites. After completion of a website project, you may wish to have us maintain the website.

So if you have a requirement for a website, website maintenance or search engine optimisation, call us now and get the service you need to keep your web presence healthy.

Call 01702 233351 or 07702 254513 now.

Call us now with your website and local search engine friendliness requirement

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