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Convert Site To Responsive Design package

Having chosen to convert website to responsive design, we will take all the major elements from each page on the existing site and create a mobile design.

Conversion To A WordPress Mobile Design

With input from you, we will create a custom built responsive website (this because Word Press does offer the flexibility of a custom built design) that will:

thumbs upInclude the logo

thumbs upInclude your business name, address and telephone number on every major page

thumbs upInclude as much of the content from the original webpage on the corresponding responsive web page

thumbs upWhere possible, the images worthwhile in retaining will be adapted to fit into the design for the responsive page

thumbs upWhere possible, any slideshows essential to promoting the business will be included in the mobile enabled page

thumbs upInclude as many of the other parts which are essential to the web page being converted, into the new responsive web page

thumbs upAlso include a converted menu suitable to display on a range of screen sizes.

thumbs upAny additional pages, you wish to add are charged at a rate of £60 per page ( discounts for more pages).

thumbs upOther inclusions which speed up the site and more.

Custom Built Responsive Website Conversion

Initially, your existing website is reviewed and with your input, a final list of components can be drafted for each page, so that the important and essential elements are included, where possible.

fs8m on displayed on ipad

If a page has more space available then additional items can be added to enhance the page visually. Each page that is incorporated in the responsive format will contain as many as possible of the original elements.

Please note that we require access (username and password) to the web hosting on which your site is to be put up. Also to any other accounts necessary to fulfill the completion of your upgraded website.

Additional pages attract an extra cost of £60 per page (again discounts for more pages). Also if required, we can supply content appropriate to your existing keywords at an extra cost

Of course if you are taking one of our local seo packages , which complement the responsive website then existing keywords are analysed and added or replaced. Informative quality content can be written to emphasise the subject or theme of the page, based around the keyword chosen.

The cost for a 'convert website to responsive' package starts at £280 and depends on the size of the site and modifications.

Call us now with your website and local search engine friendliness requirement

It is essential that you read our terms and conditions as part of the agreement in using our services and website.

They are accessed by the Site Information link at the bottom of each page.

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