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Explanation Of Terms Used On This Website


Seo is an acronym for Search Engine - such as google, bing and yahoo and Optimisation – making the website as easy as possible for the search engine to find out:

thumbs upWhat the content of each webpage is

thumbs upHow recently it has been updated

thumbs upHow quick it loads

thumbs upWhat key phrases can be used to describe it

thumbs upAnd much more

So it is essential to persist with your seo efforts to maintain high search engine friendliness or SEO, as this ultimately mean more site visitors and clients or customers


Newer smartphones with higher and higher screen resolutions are appearing with ongoing development.

These phones have resolutions similar or in some cases better than larger tablets.

A phone with equivalent tablet screen resolution is termed a 'phablet' ( combination of the words phone and tablet ).

User Experience or UX

For users to enjoy and remember the website, it is necessary for the website to provide several key ingredients:

thumbs upThe information, product or service that the user requires.

thumbs upAn easy way of getting to that information, service or product.

thumbs upPresentation of the page content to enable the visitor to get all they require from the page

thumbs upA clear indication on what to do next (if the page is not just the target information).

Notice that nothing above is for the search engines, but they will also benefit from the user experience by:

thumbs upThe user will spend more time on the page/site, indicating that the site content is of value.

thumbs upThe user may return or socially share the page/site, indicating a good source of content.

thumbs upThe search engine results (if the user found the page by search), were accurate in their listing for the given search term / key phrase match.

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