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Mobile Friendly Websites For Local Business

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Local Businesses Need Mobile Friendly Websites

As a local business, you must have a web presence before you can maximise the full potential of your business by using one of our local seo plans, . You can achieve this by using a blog or in some cases other types of web presence, but the most versatile forms of online presence are websites or more accurately mobile friendly websites.

Why mobile friendly websites, well consider these questions especially if you are a business owner serving a small area e.g. a county, town or postcode:

What do people generally associate the internet with.... Of course websites. This covers all website types, both mobile friendly (also known as responsive websites) and non mobile friendly sites.

Since the 21st of April 2015, Google have laid down the law, that websites which are not mobile friendly will have less visibility in the search lists returned for a given key phrase or search term.

How Bing, Yahoo and other search engines (yes there are others, such as dogpile, duckduckgo, blekko and more. A list can be found in this article - Note my experience with MyWebSearch is that it is invasive and can bring down malware, although this may have changed. Watch out for little extras that may be loaded with any of the search engines listed.) respond will be a matter of time, but my feelings are that they too will favour mobile friendly websites as more people get mobile devices which allow internet search.

By having a website, then you can be found online, right? Well maybe. It depends on how well you market and promote your website (think being google friendly and paid advertising supported by good content and social media).

OK you have a website and it is easily located in the search engines or by paid advertising and has good content with social media exposure. Things are good, right? Again maybe. Your website would be missing out on a huge chunk of potential sales, by not being one of the mobile friendly websites that search engines are coming to appreciate.

Mobile friendly websites enable people to view site content easily on their portable devices after using search to find a listing of places or online business that provide what they want. Search is quick and efficient on all types of devices and businesses need to keep up.

Not having a responsive website is a distinct disadvantage especially in local search. There are many devices that people own that allow them to access internet search whilst on the move all thanks to data streams from mobile companies and local 'free' wireless hotspots.

Mobile friendly websites can be viewed Easily on all types of devices from smartphones, tablets, net books, laptops, pcs, internet enabled tvs and even servers ( obviously the last 3 listed are not 'mobile' but you get my point ). Internet capable watch, anyone.

'Beam Me Up, Scotty'

Websites Created can provide wordpress or custom built responsive websites. We can also convert an existing website to the mobile form if required.

All new websites come complete with a website bundle

Using a mobile website with a solid SEO strategy, the majority of savvy business owners know they are going to maximise the online presence and get their site seen in the local search listings. Keep in mind here that other local businesses will be doing some or all these things. Making all the necessary local seo efforts is a crucial part of keeping your business profitable online.

As you can see mobile ready websites are an essential part of local business strategy. The smart people can see that a responsive website is essential and you being a smart person can see that too.

Websites Created can create a portable device friendly website for your business (or we can convert an existing website). This can be enhanced by one of the local optimisation plans that we offer, thereby completing a sound online strategy for your local business.

Call Us Now on the landline (01702 233351) or Mobile(07702 254513) and get your business site mobile friendly.

Want to see what we have done? Check out some of the designs we have either implemented or processing on this page

Wordpress, Custom or Convert?

At this point, having made the decision to have a new website or convert an existing one, leaves you with another one or two decisions, depending on where you are at this moment.

mobile friendly websites for local businessesIf you already have a website, we could take the important elements from that and any other elements that you want and convert the website to a responsive format. However there are some elements which may be unsuitable for conversion, so you may decide that a new mobile responsive website is a better option. If you wish we can guide you through the decision, but the final consideration is yours.

If you do decide on a new website then you may choose to have a fully custom built mobile responsive site or go for a website based on a search engine optimised wp theme ('wp' = Wordpress).

By speaking to our 'web weaver', a decision can be made on the type of website best for your business. If you already have a website and want it converted then perhaps one of our custom responsive websites would be appropriate

Information For Your Website

There are several factors for each webpage design. These include:

thumbs upInforming the visitor with good content.

thumbs upBuilding of trust with your visitor.

thumbs upLeading the visitor through to the purpose of the page.

thumbs upMaintaining interest in the page.

thumbs upAchieving the purpose of the page.

thumbs upGiving the visitor a good user experience

thumbs upMaking the page visually appealing.

thumbs upMaintaining a consistent format for essential elements.

In getting your website created we will maintain a dialogue with you. As you are the best authority on your business, we want to gain a reasonable insight into your business and how it works. This is necessary to enable us to suggest content that would be useful to visitors ( See this blog entry).

ipad responsive websiteYour website requires good content, with good keyphrase 'anchors' that search engines can index, to match to incoming search requests. This is how search engines send you the visitors that are searching for the information that you have on your website.

Any textual content, images, video, sound and other content, that you wish to have on the site are required as soon as they are available, to arrange the web page layout. We can then get your website completed on or before the scheduled target date.

If you wish to have content written for you, Websites Created can quote for the content creation and get this arranged for you. Once we have all the information then the website will be completed as arranged.

At this point we would like to make you aware that Websites Created have local seo plans and site services which will keep your website in a strong position in the search engines for some time to come.

For your local seo and maintenance plan,
Call Us Now on the landline or Mobile

Call us now with your website and local search engine friendliness requirement

It is essential that you read our terms and conditions as part of the agreement in using our services and website.

They are accessed by the Site Information link at the bottom of each page.

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