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Website Maintenance Services

Over time your business and its direction needs to adapt to the changing conditions of the business environment. To shape your business website to accomodate the changes, Websites Created offer website maintenance services.

The services offered are basically two types. One for standard website designs and the other for wordpress websites. To cover with these very different platforms, we offer bespoke plans for traditional website maintenance and the wordpress sites separately.

These plans are based on the site and the requirements of the business owner. Your site will be updated to the new form quickly and efficiently so as to minimise any delay in downtime.

For large changes, we work on copies of the site, offline, and when complete and tested, the old design is sidelined and the new form is made active. Changes can be small such as change to telephone numbers or similar, to much larger changes such as additions of multiple pages or more.

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Please note though, that some changes will take some time to show as server configuration files can be setup to check for new content at some lengthy periods of time ( anything from minutes up to a month or more ). We will endeavour to bypass the server update settings, where possible.

Traditional Website Maintenance

Your website is perfect for your business now, but to represent your business and the direction you wish to go in, requires change.

Websites Created would be happy to maintain the website for you. Maintenance on your website is made offline on our local servers and once completed, the changed pages are placed online, thereby minimising downtime. Our website maintenance program is tailored to your requirements and is charged accordingly.

Typical maintenance issues for bespoke websites (though some apply to Wordpress websites also) include:

Additional pages

Revamp of existing pages

SEO work

PPC ads

Integration of Google Adsense ads

Company details updated or changed

Wordpress Website Maintenance

The annual contracts, charged at £146 (when taken with a wordpress site, else £168), cover updates to the core wordpress installation (as this is usually happens twice a year). Additional individual costs are made for the updates of plugins, whenever these occur. Plugin updates are at the discretion of the plugin owners and there are some plugins which have support dropped. Further, the complexity and time taken to update plugin can vary. Also if a plugin is no longer supported and has to be replaced or removed, then finding a suitable replacement for the plugin adds to the cost. It is for these reasons that prices for updates of plugins are on a per instance basis. It is upto the client as to how they wish to proceed in such matters.

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It is essential that you read our terms and conditions as part of the agreement in using our services and website.

They are accessed by the Site Information link at the bottom of each page.

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