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Responsive Ecommerce Design

We like to make things as easy as possible for our clients especially with our responsive ecommerce websites. The ecommerce design we can create for you is easy to use, flexible and is based on the most popular content management system, WordPress.

“Wordpress is a very versatile platform for creating websites. It can be used for blogs, standard and ecommerce websites. “

Using wordpress for an ecommerce website allows the owner to manage all that is required to run a successful ecommerce business easily.

Most of the current wordpress themes are responsive which is very important for SEO purposes, so you have a head start in search results.

Wordpress itself is easy to manage and updates are always available.

Compatible themes are easily changed and it is possible to have several themes available for your website and change them over at appropriate times ( e.g. a summer theme for holiday clothing, a christmas theme for holiday gifts etc ), adding to the user's experience.

Choosing one of our wordpress based responsive ecommerce websites, allow you the owner to:

thumbs upmanage you client accounts

thumbs uptake orders

thumbs upallow for deliveries

thumbs upadd products ( physical and digital )

thumbs upcreate discounts

thumbs uptake payments

thumbs upcorrect errors

thumbs upcollect and store client details

thumbs uparrange regular payments or single payments

thumbs upcreate coupons

thumbs uphave different sizes , colours and more for products

thumbs uphave detailed descriptions of products

thumbs upuse images

thumbs upuse slideshows

thumbs uphave videos

thumbs upassign product groups

thumbs upsearch for products

All this an much more.

Using wordpress as the basis for a responsive ecommerce website reduces much of the workload of running an online business. Wordpress is easy to use, secure and flexible platform for ecommerce

Aside from the notifications of plugin and the wordpress engine updates as and when they become available, there are further plugins which extend the use and features of an ecommerce website.

Features such as providing :

thumbs uptables of shipping rates ( multiple zones, item – order – shipping rates, taxes, P&P etc )

thumbs upproviding social sharing incentives using coupons

thumbs upcountdowns to new products or services ( or even the end of an event, or offer )

thumbs upspeedy loading of your site

thumbs upcurrency converters

thumbs uplogin via social accounts

There are hundreds of plugins available and more added daily. Many plugins are free though some are at a premium.

All this and more is available to the owner of the business and can be managed by the owner without intervention of a webdeveloper and thereby keeping costs down.

Due to the large number of variations in an ecommerce website, please contact us for a quotation.

Call 01702 233351 now and get your ecommerce site created for your business.

Call us now with your website and local search engine friendliness requirement

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